Isabel Hertaeg's La Petite Mort

---- Available for international touring ----

“This is a truly original, delightful, accomplished show (and) 

another of the shows that remind you why you love the Fringe so much.”

Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, 2009.

"Adelaide Fringe Top 3 Shows"

- The Advertiser, Australia.

"Best Bets of the Melbourne Fringe Festival" 

- The Age, Australia.

“The biggest draw here is Hertaeg’s powerful voice, she quickly sets 

a sultry mood and is well on her way to becoming one strong cabaret diva” 

– Australian Stage Online.

"Not only a cabaret extravaganza of sexual and sensual songs;

it was highly sex-positive, provocative and feminist." -

- Pleasure Activism Australia.

La Petite Mort – The Orgasm is a comical cabaret romp through sex and sexuality.

For touring enquiries contact:

Isabel Hertaeg


Did You Know:

  • Scientific research has associated true love with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which means that love, like OCD can be treated with Prozac.

  • The vibrator was originally invented as a medical instrument and preceded the vacuum cleaner as a household appliance by 9 years.

  • A Canadian medical journal recommended intercourse as a possible treatment for incurable hiccups after an Israeli man cured his 4-day long case of hiccups by having sex with his wife.

Isabel’s kinky, comic & sometimes shocking tales, accompanied by all your favorite sexy songs, will have you squirming, blushing, laughing & crying, perhaps even at the same time. Prepare for a post-coital smoke after this foxy ride.

"Strap yourself in for a night out with cabaret artist Isabel Hertaeg."

- The Age, Australia.

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