Isabel Hertaeg's Etiquette Hour with Lady Cordelia Winterbottom

 "Lady Cordelia deals out pearls of domestic wisdom like Martha Stewart on crack"

 - Australian Stage Online, 2007

“It is possible to be a lady without being a killer” says domestic bliss advocate and etiquette authoress, Lady Cordelia Winterbottom.

Lady Cordelia Winterbottom has her own Etiquette school.  She will brief your party guests in suitable behavior, teach them refinement and groom them socially for any occasion. 

Lady Cordelia makes an excellent function host and MC and also offers a cabaret performance of etiquette lessons interspersed with suitable songs.  

Lady Cordelia Winterbottom is in the process of developing her own short format television series, Domestic Bliss with Lady Cordelia Winterbottom.  

The pilot program is in pre-production and screening information will be available soon.  Stay Tuned...

In the meantime, catch Lady Cordelia live on stage at a cabaret show, event or function near you.  

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